samsung galaxy z flip

In case you missed it, flip phones are back—but today’s flip phones are nothing like the ones we proudly carried around with us in the early aughts. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the latest attempt to revive the foldable phone and we have to say, from what we’ve seen so far as Samsung mobile device repair experts, we’re fans.

As you’d expect, the phone can be opened completely or closed completely, but it can also be positioned like a laptop (flex mode), which is a nice touch. The mechanics of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are definitely superior to the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

You end up paying for the neat flip feature in power and price—the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will set you back almost $1400, but there’s no SD card option, the battery isn’t as powerful as those of others in its price range, it doesn’t have the latest hardware, and it doesn’t support 5G networks. 

Don’t get us wrong, it’s a terrific phone—but you’ll have to weigh whether the form factor is worth dropping that kind of money on a device that doesn’t match the specs of others in its price range. 

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