Since its launch in 2008, each Android new system has included new and exciting features. According to reports from the developer preview, Android 13 is no different. Some of the suspected and confirmed features include:

  • Using two numbers on one eSim
  • Third-party app icons will work with themes
  • Secure photo picker

Perhaps the most thrilling feature of all is the possibility that users will be able to run Windows 11 on their Android phones. 

Danny Lin is one of the lucky Android developers who got a sneak peek at the new system. On Twitter (@kdrag0n) he revealed a Google Pixel 6 running Windows 11 Arm in a virtual machine. 

Does it run perfectly? Probably not. But Lin reports that Windows 11 is “perfectly usable” in this setup. You can check out the video for yourself on his Twitter feed. The developer also showed the phone running on various Linux distributions. 

How does it work? It seems that Android 13 supports new virtualization frameworks, at least on the Pixel 6. Android can run differently on various phones, so we can’t be sure exactly how or if this will work when Android 13 comes out later in 2022. However, this is an exciting development for techies who have been waiting for this type of customization.

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