Samsung reveals that the next Flagship Galaxy phone may not include a ToF or time of flight sensor. The company’s Galaxy S22 smart phone was originally to have included a ToF, but according to Samsung, the tech doesn’t offer a strong enough appeal to consumers to include it. 

ToF, also known as LiDAR, measures the amount of time that light takes to arrive at a destination and return back again. With this data, tech devices can both map and create 3D objects or spaces

Although Samsung is passing on ToF, Apple embraced it on the 2020 iPad Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Samsung originally did include a ToF sensor in the Galaxy Note 20. But the company said that it did not reach its expectations to boost smartphone camera capabilities. Samsung also decided the sensor didn’t exhibit a strong enough appeal to draw customers to purchasing the phone. 

But although Samsung won’t be including the sensor in its forthcoming new flagship phone, Apple is continuing the expansion of this technology. Tech analysts foresee Apple including it in all of its iPhone 13 models, not only in the Pro lineup. 

Along with enhanced availability, Apple’s LiDAR sensor will offer improvements in capabilities, with a new, improved camera system able to recognize and detect both edges and corners. 

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