Buy Pre-Owned Mobile Devices

Smartphones are expensive. When it’s time to buy cell phones for your family, you can pay full-price for each phone from your cellular provider. This can cost you hundreds of dollars or more per phone. You can buy used mobile devices from private sellers, but you never really know what kind of quality you’ll get or if there’s a hidden problem with the phone. Maybe the phone will work, maybe it won’t. Instead, you could buy a certified pre-owned mobile device from Triangle Cellular Repair that has been thoroughly tested and comes with a 90 day guarantee.


The Benefits of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Cell Phone or Tablet


If you’re in the market to buy cell phones or tablets, purchasing a certified pre-owned device is a smart decision. If you buy mobile devices from TCR, you’ll:

  • Save hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of a new cell phone
  • Be able to see the device in person, test it, play with it, and compare to other devices in stock in case you are trying to choose between a few different options
  • Be able to sell your old mobile device to TCR and use the money toward a new phone (trade-in)
  • Have a warranty, much like you’d have if you bought a new cell phone
  • Be confident in the condition and quality of your new smartphone
  • Not have to worry about shipping fees or missing a delivery while you are away
  • Support a local business
  • Help the environment by keeping older phones out of landfills


At TCR, we sell only high quality mobile devices that are fully functional. Our technicians certify all pre-owned devices before we sell them using a strict 20-point inspection protocol that ensures the condition of the phone is excellent. This way, you’ll know that you’re getting the best device for the money.


How to Buy Cell Phones and Tablets from TCR


It’s easy to buy cell phones and tablets from any TCR location. All you need to do is to stop by to see what mobile devices are currently available – or you are welcome to call ahead! The phones we sell are certified pre-owned devices that come with a 90-day guarantee. Plus, our competitive pricing keeps customers coming back.

Although our selection of pre-owned cell phones may vary, we often have the following phone models in stock:

  • Apple iPhone 5, 5C, 5S/SE
  • Apple iPhone 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+
  • Samsung Galaxy devices
  • Samsung Notes

Don’t have what you’re looking for? We are intricately connected to the wholesale device market and can source anything you need at competitive prices. We can even source large volumes of stock if you are looking to buy in bulk, for example for your company.

Our stock varies because we frequently buy mobile devices. Make sure to stop by and see what smartphones we currently have. All of our TCR locations sell mobile devices for you to buy.