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Time is flying, technology is advancing, and older generation hardware is becoming obsolete.  Apple recently made it official: The company has listed the fourth-gen iPad as obsolete, ending all support for the 2012 product.

As is customary with big tech like Apple, the product was first flagged as obsolete internally in November of 2021, but they only made the news public in February.  The end of use for this particular generation of iPad is significant as it was the first to use the patented lightning connector.  The fourth-generation iPad was warmly received as it had twice the processing power of the previous generation, and the graphics were considered 300% better than the gen3.  

The fifth-generation iPad didn’t come out until a full five years after the predecessor, so insiders expect a few more months of continued support and a few more years before Apple marks the product as obsolete.  Generation 5 continued the use of the lightning port, got significantly lighter, and the battery improved by another 10-15%.

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