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Why It’s Important to Get Your Cracked Screen Repaired ASAP

There are a million and one ways to crack a phone screen.  Maybe it was a night out on the town. Maybe your child got a hold of it.  You possibly could have used it as a projectile. Who knows, right? The bottom line is this: once it’s cracked there is no going back.  Buying a brand new device isn’t the most economical option either. Nonetheless, your phone has to be fixed one way or another. It’s the only way you can return to life as you know it. The only question is how soon are you going to get it done? Or better yet, how long do you plan on delaying the process?

I know it might seem tempting to put off repairing that cracked screen of yours. Let’s be honest.  Who really wants to spend money when it may not be necessary? Well, that’s the problem. It is necessary.  Here’s why.

Exposure to the elements

The longer you wait to have your phone fixed the more susceptible it is to water damage, hot and cold temperatures, or even dust and debris.  As we all know, mother nature can be quite unforgiving. Whether it is a few minor cracks, or if your phone looks like it went skydiving without a parachute, if the inside of the phone is exposed then you are at risk of causing further damage.  You might be able to get away with putting tempered glass or a screen protector over the device for the time being, but that is just a temporary fix. That would basically be the equivalent of using a trash bag to cover up a broken car window. You might not mind a few drops of water getting into your car from time to time; however, a few drops of water in your phone is a whole different story.

Water damage = kryptonite

If your phone is Superman, then that definitely makes water kryptonite. It doesn’t take a lot of water to cause issues with your device.  You don’t have to jump into a pool with it or drop it in the toilet. All it takes is a cracked screen and humidity will take care of the rest.  Over time that moisture will add up and eventually begin to cause the device to malfunction. The concerning part is water damage only gets worse over time.  A majority of time there is no fix for this as the damage becomes more and more extensive.

The motherboard

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say that you have decided to put off getting your screen fixed.  Moisture has started taking its toll on the device. Now that you are seeing the effects of the water damage you decide it’s time to try and get your device repaired.  Well, the bad news is that it is not that simple anymore. When random components start to fail sporadically, that is usually a sign that the motherboard has been compromised through corrosion.  The motherboard is the heart of the phone. Everything is connected through the motherboard. That means no matter what parts you try to replace, they won’t work if the motherboard is damaged. In some cases, motherboard damage is irreversible.  However, TCR does provide micro-soldering repairs and might be able to save your device before it’s too late.

Don’t Procrastinate on Your Screen Repair

You may think that you are saving money by putting off getting your screen repaired; however, it’s actually the opposite.  It is costing you money in the long run because you will most likely end up having to buy an entirely new device. It is best to nip this problem in the bud while it is still a relatively small issue.  Otherwise, you could end up with a device that can’t be revived.

Let us help you prevent that from happening!  TCR offers quick and affordable screen repairs.  Feel free to call us at 919-263-2699 or schedule an appointment.  Even if you don’t need the screen repair yourself, you can make $5 for every person you send to TCR and they get $5 off their repair as well!. Tell your friends by signing up for our referral program. It’s quick and it’s a win win!  You get paid and they save money!