Partial Lift of Huawei Ban -

Partial Lift of the Huawei Ban

Huawei is still not entirely in the clear following the ban imposed on them by the U.S. government.  However, things seem to be progressing in a more positive direction as of late since the Huawei ban. Companies are being permitted to sell to and collaborate with the Chinese smartphone manufacturer as long as there are no “national security issues.”  For the time being, this would allow Google to continue to provide software updates to Huawei’s devices, which is definitely a critical concern considering they own the Android OS platform these devices run on.

The next question is when will there be new licenses for U.S. companies to continue working with Huawei, since this is only a temporary relief for Huawei?  Also, which companies will receive the new licenses? Will Qualcomm and Intel (major chip manufacturers) be included?