(Image credit: Macrumers.com)

We know that the fall iPhone 13 launch is just around the corner, and we also know that Apple is planning some pretty big upgrades on the iPhone 13 Pro Max for this year.

The Pro Max line has been popular with photography buffs, and this year’s model promises to continue that trend. Leaked 3D-printed mockups and renders being used by accessory makers show that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the same camera module layout as the iPhone 12, but the module is bumped out further from the body of the phone, and the lenses are larger.

Larger lenses mean better photo quality, which is impressive considering that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is already considered one of the best smartphone cameras on the market. Experts are also predicting that the iPhone 13’s focal length and pixel size will increase; photos will have less noise and more detail, even in environments with low-light. 

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