This is a common question when deciding how to upgrade your computer. Tablets have become more advanced in recent years so a tablet may be all that someone needs. Here are some things to consider if you’re making the decision between getting a laptop or a tablet.

Word Processing and Spreadsheets

If you’re looking to create many Microsoft Word and Excel documents, a laptop might be better. While there are downloadable mobile apps for word and spreadsheet processing available for tablets, in many cases, these apps function best for occasional document editing. With a limited set of features on a tablet and the need for an external keyboard for maximum performance, a laptop is a good investment if you need the full functionality of word and spreadsheet processing programs.

Watching Videos

You can watch videos on both laptops and tablets. Some people prefer to watch videos on laptops because of the larger screen size, while others prefer the portability of tablets and the convenience of downloadable apps, such as Hulu and Netflix. If you plan to watch many videos on your next device, take some time to think about where you watch the videos and what’s important to you.


A tablet can replace an e-reader, such as a Kindle or a Nook, simply by downloading the corresponding mobile app. A tablet is more portable and can function similarly to an e-reader because of its size and touchscreen. A laptop may be too bulky to function as an e-reader depending on how you enjoy reading.

Surfing the Internet and Social Media Feeds

While you can surf the internet and read through social media feeds on any device that has internet, it’s likely more intuitive and user-friendly on a tablet over a laptop. When you download mobile apps, such as the Facebook app, you only have to click on one button to get to your Facebook news feed. On a laptop, you’d have to open an internet browser and go to the social media site. Therefore, a tablet may be best if this is a common activity.


In most cases, tablets are more portable than laptops. They’re lighter because they don’t have the weight of the attached keyboard. Plus, they can fit into most bags, backpacks, and purses. However, some laptops, such as the MacBook Air, could actually be lighter, especially those with small screen sizes. In addition, depending on how you use your tablet, you may also have to carry a keyboard with it. Compare the specific models of tablets and laptops against each other to see which fits best. We highly suggest using them in person to see which works for you. If you need a desktop replacement and don’t plan to travel with your device, its size and relative portability may not be as important of a deciding factor than the other options.


Typically, laptops cost more than tablets but there is a very large range in quality and processing specifications for both. If you’re simply looking for an easy way to read on your device, access the internet, and check your email, a tablet may be sufficient. Remember that an expensive tablet, such as the Surface Pro, will cost more than a very inexpensive laptop.

Processing Power

When it comes to processing power, most laptops have more processing power than a tablet. Since processing power impacts how fast your device works, the more power that is available means it will function faster. There may be exceptions to this with higher end tablets, such as iPad Pros. These high end tablets can operate faster than some laptops, even from the same manufacturer!

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