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The Galaxy Watch 2 – What We Know

After removing the signature rotating bezel in the previous version, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 seems to be following that trend, which leads us to believe that this will become a permanent change to the device going forward.  The Active 2 is also adopting 2 major features from the Apple Watch 4, which are the ECG (electrocardiogram) and the fall detection.

The ECG allows the watch to monitor the atrial fibrillation of the user to detect any abnormalities with their heart rate.  The fall detection feature will do exactly what the name implies and detect any severe falls experienced by the user and subsequently display the option to dial emergency with one tap on the screen. The release date for this device could potentially be August 7th with the release of the Note 10, but has yet to be confirmed.  The price range for this device could range from $199-$229.