Is the 5G Network Harmful?

As much excitement as there has been surrounding 5G technology, there has also been an equal amount of concern regarding its potential safety hazards. We covered the capabilities and specifications of the 5G standards in a previous article, “The Future of 5G,” but now it’s time to dig into what this new network means for human health and the environment.  Some believe that it is completely safe, while others believe the implementation of this telecommunication “super-highway” could hurt us in the long run. Let’s get down to the facts and you can decide for yourself.

The Two Main Problems

First thing’s first.  Let’s talk about the two main issues that make upgrading to this network problematic.

Higher Frequency

5G will operate on a frequency band outside of the normal spectrum on the 24 GHz range and up.  It will use what is called millimeter waves to carry its radio frequency. These waves are exponentially more powerful, in terms of radiation, than what we are accustomed to with the 4G network we are currently using, making them potentially more dangerous.

Higher Density

The major disadvantage that comes with this technology is the limited range. The current network we are on utilizes large cell towers that can broadcast a signal over a long distance.  However, due to the fact that higher frequency results in a shorter wavelength, the new 5G standard will have to rely on the construction of many small-cell stations so the signal can be relayed to target devices successfully.  

What This Means for Us

These small-cell stations will need to be placed on top of buildings and homes, which will put us in extremely close proximity to the potentially harmful radiation.  To make matters worse, we aren’t just talking about a few. There will need to be at least 1 small-cell for every 8 homes/buildings. This will mean a new and unprecedented exposure to a high-level of radiation over a long period of time, which doesn’t sound too great. There is no way to know for sure exactly what effects this will have on us down the line, but some members of the scientific community have their own opinions.

Science Says…

Apparently over 200 scientists from around the world are urging the United Nations to step in and slow down, if not stop, the implementation of 5G. Their main concern is the reduction of the EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure.  The scientists that have taken this stance have conducted experiments showing that too much EMF exposure will result in unfavorable and harmful effects on the environment and the human body. This is not too far fetched considering a group of birds allegedly dropped dead mid-flight after flying through 5G millimeter waves. Although certain government websites and organizations are claiming that 5G is safe for the public, it is quite alarming to see a large number of scientists beg to differ.

In My Personal Opinion

It’s already bad enough that we are exposed to the constant radiation as it is.  However, increasing it ten fold is definitely not the best alternative. I would rather have a slower internet and a longer life any day of the week.  At the end of the day, all progress is not progress and this might be one of those scenarios. Jeopardizing the health and safety of the public isn’t worth a few extra Gbps (Gigabits per second).  Before this technology is released we need to slow down and make sure it is completely safe.

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