Yes, there are some prototypes that look promising out there.  There have even been some devices that have already been launched, but haven’t lived up to the hype, to say the least.  The consumers are standing in line to find out what will become of this new folding smartphone concept and how it all unfolds (pun intended).  The bottom line is this: The world is watching. We are all waiting to see if this will usher in a new era and change the landscape of the mobile industry for years to come or fall flat on its face after failing to gain some traction in the marketplace.


Galaxy Fold was a Galaxy Fail


From televisions to smartphones, Samsung has been getting it right.  They have become a trusted name in the consumer electronics industry. This is the same reason why their disastrous failure with the Galaxy Fold was such a big deal.  This device was supposed to be the revolutionary flagship phone that started a trend for folding smartphones in the mobile market. When their devices started breaking only a few days after being shipped, it not only shook the confidence of customers looking to buy, but also companies trying to manufacture them.  One of these companies being Huawei.


Huawei Mate X Postponed


Out of all the prototypes being displayed, Huawei’s Mate X folding smartphone was one of the most impressive.  They were neck and neck with Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, until the recent misfortunes during Samsung’s initial launch, which propelled them into the number one spot.  However, after watching Samsung fail horribly and hearing them say that they released their device to early, Huawei decided not to make the same decision. They pushed back the release date of their device to make time for more testing to ensure their device doesn’t suffer the same fate.  Although this was an intelligent and respectable move, this might cause customers to question the integrity of this device as well. Will it be a Galaxy Fold repeat?  


Can Anyone Save the Day?


Samsung has reportedly fixed the issues with their device already, Huawei should be ready to launch after they complete their testing, but if these companies can’t get it done, who do we turn to? With the top two competitors going back to the drawing board, we have to wonder, can anyone else can step in and save the day? A small startup company, Royole, released their folding phone design, the FlexPai, which was absolutely horrendous. Apple reportedly is working in the background to design a folding smartphone of their own and has even filed for a few patents.  Other companies, like LG, might even enter the race and fill the void with its own product. However, neither Apple nor LG have even set a potential launch date or promised that we will even see one of these devices hit the market in the near future. Motorola could easily take the throne, with the popular Motorola Razr4 concept, except there will only be 100,000 units available and exclusive to Verizon.


Time Will Tell


We seem to be at a crossroads, where all we can do is wait and see what happens.  Companies aren’t going to risk pushing out a product that will damage their reputation and customers aren’t going to spend a large amount of money on a device that could potentially be faulty.  Until one of these folding smartphone designs gains traction, none of them will.


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