First Render Concept 2020 iPad from @OnLeaks

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who enjoy rumors and gossip and those who do not. If you’re in the latter category, avert your eyes. For the rest of us, @OnLeaks has released a sneak peek at renders of the upcoming 2020 iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch, which are set to be announced sometime this March. 

While pictures can usually only tell us so much, these particular pictures tell us a lot—because they show that this pair of iPads has triple cameras, just like the iPhone 11 Pro. The setup would be 0.5x-1x-2x, and there’s also rumored 3D-sensing camera tech on the front. Other than the 2020 iPad triple cameras, the overall design of these upgraded iPad Pros is much the same as the previous models, and the dimensions remain the same as well, although we can expect them to be a bit thicker to accommodate the triple camera lens design. It’s not clear yet whether these models will be made with glass backs or aluminum—or if buyers will have the option to choose between the two.

Here’s where things get a little dicey, though: naysayers argue that the current model of the iPad Pro only has a single camera lens and that it’s unlikely that Apple would jump from single right to triple, particularly with an iPad, which is less used for photography than an iPhone. It’s a valid point, but @OnLeaks has a good track record when it comes to these things, so we’ll be waiting with baited breath for March to roll around so we can see if the rumors pan out.

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