Your cell phone (or tablet) is a major part of your life. Unfortunately, maintaining the functionality of what is essentially a mini computer requires a lot of energy. The following tips will help your phone last longer on a single charge and extend the battery’s life.

Don’t Keep Your Phone on the Charger

It can be tempting to keep your phone on its charger when you’re at work or at home so you always have it charged and ready to go; however, this practice is known for damaging your phone’s battery lifespan. It may also damage your battery’s ability to maintain a charge. Any time that your mobile device is plugged in, it is pulling power from the outlet so the battery will consistently show 100% charged.

Instead, charge your phone when it needs to be charged only as long as it takes to get a full charge. You can bring a portable mobile device charging kit or phone cord with you to charge your phone. If you notice your phone creating heat (which can damage your phone), it might be time to take your device off the charger.

Close Background Apps

Some mobile applications operate in the background even when you’re not actively using them. This means that you’re battery is being used for apps that you may not necessarily be using, or need to have open. If you make it standard practice to close apps after you’re done using them, you’ll be able to maximize your battery power for the apps that you need and want to use.

Keep a Limited Selection of Social Media Apps

Social media apps, such as Facebook, use a tremendous amount of battery power to run effectively. If you integrate your social media profiles into your phone’s operating system to receive automatic notifications and updates, the battery may be used faster. To maximize your phone’s battery life, keep your selection of social media mobile apps limited to what you actually use. This way you won’t waste power on an older social media app you don’t spend a lot of time on.

Carefully Evaluate Streaming Mobile Apps

Video and music streaming apps, like YouTube, Hulu, and Pandora, use a large amount of your mobile device’s battery life. Any time that you use these apps, you’ll lose battery power and use cellular data. This doesn’t mean streaming mobile apps aren’t worth using, but being aware of when you use them will help. If you don’t have regular access to an additional source of power, then it’s a good idea to minimize streaming apps.

Turn Off GPS Features and Apps

Another feature that relies on a lot of power is your phone’s GPS system. GPS is used in navigation apps and some others that you may not expect, such as the mobile apps for popular retail and restaurant chains that enable you to find the nearest store location. It’s good battery saving practice to turn on the GPS when you need it and then to promptly turn it off when you are done.

Using these tips, you can extend the battery life of your favorite mobile devices. However, if you do find yourself with an old or nonfunctional cell phone or tablet battery, call Triangle Cellular Repair at (919) 263-2699 for an affordable replacement! Most battery repairs are very quick and no appointments are necessary.