You love your smartphone. You’ve invested a lot of money into picking out just the right model and paying for a monthly cellular plan with enough data to enjoy your favorite apps. You want to protect your mobile phone with a case to keep it working well and looking great.


Here’s how to choose the best phone case to protect your phone.

Evaluate Your Need for Protection

Depending on how you use your phone, your lifestyle, and where you travel to, you’ll need a different level of protection for your mobile phone. Someone who routinely spends time outdoors boating, adventure traveling, working in the field, or hiking should consider buying a rugged case to protect their phone from the elements. However, someone who telecommutes from their home and only goes out occasionally may be okay with a sleeker phone case. Also, consider if you’ve decided to pay a monthly fee for insurance or instead chose to save money by repairing your device. Understanding how much protection your mobile phone really needs can help you set a realistic budget for your phone case.


Learn More About Case Options

There are many different types of mobile phone cases that are available. There are folio cases that fold over to protect the screen and may have space to store credit cards. Battery cases provide much needed extra battery life. Waterproof cases claim to allow smartphone users to get their phones wet, although the cases don’t always protect against water damage. If certain features are important to you in a phone case, it’s worth exploring what kind of case has them.


Read Reviews

People typically write reviews about the products they buy for two reasons. Either they’re ecstatic about their purchase (and/or the company asked them to write a review), or they’ve encountered serious issues with the quality of the phone case. Read all the negative reviews to see if there is a common theme. If every one and two-star reviewer says that the phone case broke after a few weeks, there might be a problem with the case’s construction.


Set a Price Range

Phone cases are available in every price range. In some ways, you get the quality you’re paying for, so if you opt for the cheapest phone case available, it’s possible it won’t work. At TCR, we offer competitive prices for all of the phone cases we carry. In addition, if we don’t have the specific case you are looking for we can always order it for you! You can be confident that you’re getting the best price on any mobile phone case you choose.


Decide What Features You Love

If there are features you love in a phone case, find cases that offer those features and provide the right level of protection. Some popular features include wrist straps, battery packs, thin profiles, waterproof covers, and screen protectors. Prioritize your favorites because you may not be able to find one case that encompases everything you’re looking for.

Investing in the right mobile phone case can protect your phone, prevent costly repairs, extend the life of your phone, and maintain a higher value for resale. With a wide range of phone cases available, it’s important to pick the right one that meets your needs. If one case can’t meet your needs, it’s okay to purchase a few phone cases to switch out when you’d benefit from a different case.


Determine How Long You Plan to Keep Your Mobile Phone

Think about how long you plan to keep your mobile phone. If you’ve had your phone for a few years, it may not be the best decision to spend a lot on a case if you plan to replace your phone soon. Many smartphone cases only work with specific models, so even if you get another iPhone, the phone case you buy now won’t fit. If you just purchased your phone, investing in a more expensive phone case will provide you more protection for a longer time and you won’t have to worry about replacing your case quickly.