While it might be tempting to replace a broken cell phone or tablet charger or to get a few extra chargers, buying cheap chargers is a poor investment for your personal safety and the long term usage of your phone. Here are some reasons why inexpensive cell phone chargers are not a smart investment.

Shorter Life Spans

Your cell phone or tablet’s original charger was made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to comply with the highest technology standards and regulations. Cheap, off-brand chargers aren’t held to the same standards. Often these inexpensive charging cables and adapters break quickly and are not built for daily use. If you buy a cheap charger now, it’s likely that you may have to replace it sooner than you would with an OEM charger. Over time, it is more cost effective to purchase a high quality, OEM cell phone or tablet charger in the beginning.

Increased Safety Risks

Some cheap chargers may not meet the safety standards as those created by the original manufacturer. In some cases, these cheap chargers can overheat, start a fire, or cause other safety concerns. Most of the time it can be difficult to distinguish between a safe and a dangerous charger at a convenience store or big box chain. To reduce this safety risk, make sure to only purchase high quality chargers that were specifically designed for your mobile device.

May Give Too Much or Too Little Charge Power

Since many cheaper chargers are universal, they may deliver more power than your phone needs to charge, or they may deliver inconsistent power. Regulating the flow of electricity to and from your device is important for safety and functional reasons. More power or inconsistent power can damage the phone itself and eventually make it inoperable. Fake chargers could also deliver less power than your phone needs, which would require you to leave your mobile device on the charger for a longer time.

Could Damage Your Cell Phone’s Battery

If a cheap charger delivers too much power, using it could damage your smartphone or tablet’s battery so it no longer retains a charge well. If you’ve regularly used an inexpensive or universal charging cord and your battery dies quickly, the cord may have damaged your phone’s battery permanently. In these instances, the battery (or the device) will need to be replaced.

Against Manufacturer’s Guidelines

The manufacturer advises you to use only OEM chargers that they produce and sell. These chargers may be more expensive, but their level of quality is much higher and they are designed specifically for your phone or tablet. There are also some aftermarket brands that focus on researching and developing chargers to the same specifications as the original manufacturers.

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