Android 12 is available in beta right now and slated for an official release this fall. While OS updates always have the potential to be much ado about nothing, Android 12 is supposed to be a big deal—according to Google, it’s the most significant design change in Android’s history. Here are the best Android 12 features you can look forward to:


Android 12 features a new material design language called Material You, which gives your phone the ability to adapt to your needs and preferences for a look that’s uniquely your own. Its color extraction technology allows you to set a wallpaper and have your UI automatically reset itself with complementary colors for a cohesive look.

Privacy Dashboard

Google has put privacy and security at the forefront with Android 12. A brand new privacy dashboard lets you view all of the apps that have access to your phone’s location, contacts, microphone, and camera at a glance and makes it easy to disable access.

Improved Battery Life

Your older phone may get a second wind with Android 12 because it promises to make devices more responsive and fast. Google reports that the CPU time needed for core system services is reduced by up to 22% and the use of big cores by the system server is reduced by up to 15%.

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