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Check Out The Best iPad Accessories

The iPad is probably one of the best inventions that Apple has made. It has the versatility of a smartphone with the processing speed of a computer. But of course, it doesn’t work up to its best potential on its own. Here are some accessories that could be used for the iPad that help it run smoothly and make using an iPad so much fun.

Apple Pencil
The Pencil is one of the best gadgets that Apple has rolled out for the iPad ever since it was introduced. With it, iPad users can now draw and write directly on the iPad rather than pulling out a bulky laptop or have to buy an expensive drawing tablet in order to draw digitally. The iPad Pro was the only iPad that could use the Pencil, but more versions of the iPad have become more compatible with the Pencil, though we still recommend getting the iPad Pro as its retina display and faster processor will allow the Pencil to really shine.

Adonit Pro 4
Before the Apple Pencil was produced, many artists and creators expressed interest in wanting to use their iPad as a drawing tablet and created styluses that would work with drawing apps on the iPad. The Adonit Pro 4 stylus is one of the most unique styluses out on the market for digital artists. It’s created with a soft touch precision disc at its tip so you can exactly where you’re drawing or writing.

Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
If you really want to turn your iPad into a mini computer, consider a wireless keyboard. The keyboard is one of the best accessories that can also double into a screen cover for your iPad, depending on the type. Apple’s iPad Pro Smart Keyboard allows you to adjust your viewing angle when typing and doesn’t require any charge. There are still many other models out there that cater to different models of iPads.

Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard
If you don’t care about the size of the keyboard, there are many useful options such as the Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard. The full-sized keyboard is compatible with iOS and Windows systems so you can switch seamlessly between your iPad, your iPhone and your Mac or Windows computer. It’s definitely not excessive to want a smaller keyboard for your computer or a physical keyboard for typing on your smaller devices.

Moshi iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protector
In the world of smartphones today, one of the first things that a person usually buys after getting a new smartphone is a screen protector. However, people are sometimes hesitant on getting a screen protector for their iPad since it’s less used than a smartphone. Though it may seem tedious to get a big screen protector and take time to put it on such a big screen, it’ll protect your delicate tablet from scratches, and the right screen protector can look like it’s not even there at all.

anFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector
If you want a bit more protection for your iPad, consider getting a tempered glass protector. The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector can protect your iPad screen from harder drops but will still allow for smooth drawing and gliding on the screen. This is due to the material used, which is thicker than a plastic screen protector. For either screen protector choice, it’s like having a good windshield for your car. It depends on your preference whether you’re looking for less glare or more protection, but either way, it’s meant to protect your screen from any unforeseeable accidents.

If you really want to get fancy, check out the PaperLike screen protector. Like the name states, this screen protector gives you the feel of writing on paper. This is due to the coarse-like texture that gives you more control of your strokes when you’re in an app like Goodnotes. Because of its matte finish, there’s also a decrease in glare for those who don’t want to put your iPad on high while out in the sun.

Anker Portable Multi-Angle Stand
If you don’t want or have a cover for your iPad that doubles as a stand, consider getting a stand. Keeping it flat on your desk while working will not do help your neck or posture in the long run, whereas a stand will at least hold your iPad at an angle so you don’t have to hold onto it while also multitasking. The Anker Portable Multi-Angle Stand is adjustable to your perfect viewing angle, and works not just for your iPad but also your phone.

Lap pillow
If you’re likely to use your iPad in your bed for typing, you’ll need a lap pillow like the Ipevo LapPillow. The pillow is basically a comfy lap tray for your iPad, leaving your hands free to eat snacks while watching shows. It can just adjusted based on your preferred angle and also scoots to leave room for a keyboard if you want to do some work.

There are so many more accessories for the iPad that are constantly being introduced to the market, whether for aesthetic or practical use. These are some that are often seen with iPads and they’re meant to make one’s experience with the iPad more comfortable and fun to use. Maybe you prefer using the iPad like a computer, or you’d rather stick to the iPad and pencil combo. As always, if you have an iPad that needs repair, myTCR is here is help. Let us know how you prefer using your iPad Pro, mini, or Air.