smart device augmented reality

Shopping for furniture and home accessories just got easier with Apple’s recent update to their Augmented Reality Quick Look feature.

Augmented Reality Quick Look was first launched in 2018 to allow shoppers to view a 3D rendering of a piece of furniture or other objects in a room prior to purchasing. For example, if you’re shopping for a new lamp on a participating retailer’s website, you can take a picture of your living room and move the lamp to different spots to make sure it’s a good fit before adding it to your cart. 

Before this update, users would have to click out of the augmented reality mode view in order to make the purchase, but now an “Add to Cart” button will appear right in the AR viewing window, streamlining the process. This feature is only available in iOS 13, so if you’re an avid shopper or interior design enthusiast, it might be a good time to sell your device and upgrade or use our iPhone repair service to ensure that your older phone can handle the latest OS updates.

Be on the lookout for another enhancement to Quick Look later this year—spatial audio. We’re curious to see how retailers will use this new feature. 

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