apple default apps screen

Even Apple loyalists have to admit that some of their applications pale in comparison to the competition. Given a choice, how many of us would choose Safari over Chrome or Mail over Gmail?

Okay, maybe some of us would—but this has been a moot point up to now because we haven’t had a choice and the default apps on the iPhone and iPad have always been Apple products. Rumor has it that Apple is considering allowing users to change to their preferred apps as defaults and loosening some other restrictions on third-party apps in order to avoid increasing scrutiny from lawmakers over antitrust violations.

Again, this is just a rumor based on reported internal discussions, but it’s certainly good news for Apple users who would like the freedom to more easily use a different browser or email app on their iPhones. It’s also good news for our team at TCR—we get a lot of customers asking us how to change out the default apps on their iPhones and iPads, either because they’re not happy with Apple’s versions or they’d like to sync up the preferences from their computers with their phones.

Will this rumor pan out? We’ll have to wait for the next iOS release to find out.

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