Anker LED Flash for iPhone 11

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Anker LED iPhone 11 Flash Accessory

Has the iPhone 11 made DSLRs obsolete? Anker is giving photography enthusiasts another reason to leave their cameras at home and use their phones instead with its new LED flash accessory. We haven’t gotten our hands on one yet, but it’s set to launch this month and it’s expected to be priced at an affordable $49.99.

The Anker iPhone 11 LED flash accessory is Made for iPhone (MFi) certified and it connects to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max via the Lightning port. There’s no special app required; instead, it’s triggered by the default Camera app or any other third-party photography app you’re already using. It even comes complete with its own detachable diffuser, which should make it useful for amateur food photographers with a penchant for sharing their meals on Instagram.

Why buy the Anker flash instead of using the built-in flash on the phone? The Anker version has twice the range and four times the brightness. With the diffuser option, you can achieve brighter photos without the harsh look of the standard iPhone flash.

There are other flash accessories for the iPhone on the market, but this is the first one that’s gotten Apple’s stamp of approval via the MFi program and it’s also the only one that syncs with the iPhone’s built-in camera through the Lightning port. 

While the camera on the iPhone 11 series of phones already produces stunning results, we’re eager to see what Anker’s LED flash brings to the table.

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