7 Best Productivity Apps to Enhance Your Life

People today have a lot  on their plate to accomplish. From work to school to that side hustle, it’s a wonder anyone can keep track of what they’ve done and what they need to do. Luckily, your phone has made it easier for you to monitor your busy schedule without burning you out. Here are a few apps that can help with your work productivity:

1.) Evernote: This app has been around for years and has expanded to more than just taking notes. It has become an app to collaborate with teams and clients as well as a to-do list for those checklist lovers. It also has multi-platform capabilities so Android to iPhone users can keep track of tasks and ideas. 

2.) Trello: Another fantastic app is Trello. The platform turns your task lists into boards that are easy to manage and collaborative with your team. The tasks are organized into cards that are color-coded and can be separate between to do, doing, done, and more.

3.) Google Calendar: Another useful app that you can access on your phone and your computer. The sleek minimalistic design allows you to add as many events as needed and will let you color-code those events for extra organization. You can also share your calendar so everyone else knows your availability. What’s more, the phone app allows you to add goals and reminders so you can keep track of your own short-term progress.

4.) Google Drive: Most people already know what Google Drive is, but it’s such a commonly used app that people underestimate the usefulness of it. It’s a quick to-do list, a recipe book, a sketchbook, and a survey maker. And the best part is you can make as many documents and sheets as you need and it won’t take up your phone or hard drive space. Plus, you can edit docs offline and it’ll automatically save when you connect to your data or wifi.

5.) Slack: If you want to keep in touch with your co-workers or be a part of a group chat without having to give out phone numbers, check out this platform. Slack allows you to talk to others through creating or being invited into a channel. The channel can be controlled by any topic, team, project, or anything else you can think of.

6.) Time Tracker: This is awesome software used for keeping track of invoices and productivity. Now you don’t have to guess how much time you put into something, you just know. Pricing starts at $4 and allows you to try it before you buy it.

7.) Forest: Yes, even while working diligently you can be super distracted by anything that compels you to Google it on the spot. The plug-in blocks your own access to websites that would deter you from your work. Plant a tree and watch it grow as you work or die when you open a blocked website. That way, you’ll actually keep yourself accountable and even keep track of how often your mind actually strays. Forest is also available on mobile and is great for students while studying.


Most of these productivity apps integrate between mobile phones, Windows and Macbook computers. That way, anyone can open that schedule or task list on any device. There are tons of great productivity apps out there that will essentially help you get through your workday. In the end, it’s on you to actually get that work done!

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