Your mobile devices are naturally vulnerable to damage caused by curious kids. We suggest taking the time to ensure your phones and tablets are childproofed. After all, you’d hate to lose your expensive smartphone because your toddler threw it into the toilet. Use these tips to easily childproof your smartphone and other electronic devices.

1. Use Your Device’s Screen Locks and Password Controls

Many parents forget about their device’s protective features such as fingerprint locks and passwords. This is a good first layer of childproofing. This is a huge benefit because without a password, your child could stumble across inappropriate websites or delete important data from your phone or tablet. If your child figures out your password, it may be time to set a new one. You can always unlock your smartphone to give kids monitored access to watch videos or play games.

2. Invest in a High Quality Phone Case

Your phone case may be able to protect your phone from unexpected damage. A sturdy case made for outdoor use could protect your phone if it’s thrown or run over by a kid’s toy. A waterproof case could protect the functionality of your phone if it takes a swim in the pool or toilet. If you’re looking to childproof your phone with a quality phone case, don’t buy the cheapest option. Invest in one that can adequately protect your phone.

3. Limit Your Child’s Access to Smartphones and Tablets

One way that some parents have kept their smartphones and tablets safe is to limit how much time kids spend on their devices. Consider establishing a time limit on when kids can play with your devices. It might also be a good idea to buy kids their own devices. There are many kid-friendly models of phones and tablets that feature educational games and music.

4. Talk to an Expert About Appropriate Child Proofing Strategies

You may need different childproofing strategies as your child gets older. Small kids may throw devices onto the ground or into water, while older kids may try to download purchasable content. If you need help, feel free to talk to mobile device experts about what steps you can take or what products and services are available.

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