What factors affect cell phone reception?

The quality of your cell reception largely depends on how well your mobile phone can receive the signal from a cellular network. There are a variety of factors that affect your cell phone reception. These include:


    • Condition of your mobile device


    • Whether the device’s design puts the receiver or antennae on the inside or outside of the device (a signal booster might be able to resolve this)


    • Proximity to the cellular tower


    • Obstruction of the signal through walls, buildings, and trees


    • Poor coverage from your cellular carrier


    • Type of construction materials used in your home or office


    • Congestion due to too many users on the network at the same time


  • Low battery power on your mobile device


Fortunately, you can help improve your cell reception for some of these factors. Locate your nearest tower to know where it is. Make sure your battery is charged and plan calls for less common times.