Corporate Services

Triangle Cellular Repair understands the challenges of device management for organizations such as businesses, schools, and nonprofits. We have numerous options for corporate partnerships to help you manage your device needs. We can buy your employees’ old devices at competitive prices, fix multiple phones or tablets in bulk, create unique employee discount programs, or even offer mail-in repair options for your offices around the country. Choosing a reliable technology partner you can trust will make device management easy.

Bulk Discounts – Repairs

TCR offers corporate discounts on repairs for businesses, schools, nonprofits, or any other group that has multiple cell phones or tablets. Depending on the volume, we can do discounted repairs for your company in our retail stores or in our warehouse

We can also offer significant discounts on bulk repairs. If you have several devices that are acting up, you can simply batch mail them to one of our convenient service centers. We will repair them as quickly as possible and send them back to you, all at a surprisingly low price.

Bulk Discounts – Buying and Selling Devices

An advantage of partnering with TCR is that we offer extremely competitive pricing for both buying and selling devices. If your company, group, or school has business phones or tablets that are no longer in use, you can sell them to TCR for some of the best prices nationwide (especially for iPhones and iPads). We are able to offer you the top prices because we have extensive experience in the wholesale side of the industry in addition to our retail stores. There is more or less no limit to what we can purchase from you and we are happy to coordinate this process according to your needs.

In addition to purchasing devices from you, TCR can also provide your group devices. We have the ability to source most types of devices in bulk. Even if you only need one, we can work with you to get what you need at a fantastic price. We can even tailor it to the quality you are looking for – new, used, refurbished phones and tablets etc.

Is your business or group national? We buy and sell nationally on a daily basis – we can extend this service to you as well. We can develop a solution depending on your needs and our strengths.

Employee Discount Programs

TCR has many employee discount programs with our various partners throughout the Triangle. We are happy to extend discounts to your employees for their personal device repair needs.

Broad Appeal

We work with more than just businesses and schools. We can provide bulk pricing and corporate partnership services to churches, daycares, and even neighborhood associations. Where there are several cell phones and tablets, we may be able to extend our corporate services.

Triangle Cellular Repair has been fixing cell phones and tablets in the Raleigh-Durham and Chapel Hill areas since 2012. We understand how critical your devices are, and we work hard to make repairs as quick and cost-effective as possible. If you have a business or association that needs a trusted partner to handle all of your device-related needs, we invite you to email our executive team today at for more information.